Robert G. Trugman, Republican for Congress

Kick off Rally ticket for Robert G. Trugman, Republican for Congress, NJ 7th District.

Press Release - The Speech

Robert G. Trugman, Republican for Congress held his kick off rally at the Grand Summit Hotel with a solid attendance on October 20, 2019.

Good Afternoon, Republican Chairman elected officials, ladies and gentlemen. To quote a famous phrase in history. “Fellow countryman, please lend me your ear.” My name is Robert Trugman, I’m a successful business owner, civic leader, and I live in Summit, New Jersey. I’m a proud American Republican seeking your support for my candidacy as your next congressman in the 7th Congressional District. We need strong new leadership in congress. I’ll stand up for Freedom of Speech in our House of Representatives, Institutions and our Universities through our nation.

We are at a critical time in our country’s history, facing a crossroads divide. The Democratic party is finding their new brand, Democratic socialism funded by socialist billionaire, in our presidential, senatorial, congressional and attorney general races. Their path is downward...To obstruct, resist and to abolish our United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency. To give free Medicare for all, including illegal aliens. To give free public education at our colleges for all, including illegal aliens. And to have same day online voter registration and voting for all, including illegal aliens. If their promises would succeed and abolishing our United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency. There would be a fifty-foot-tall tsunami of people that would pour threw our borders and at the end of two election cycles producing more than a hundred million more voters, we would have a Democratic Socialist government with 50 trillion in our Gross National Debt. The pillars of our Great Republic would  crumble... And our country as we know it would perish... Taking with it the American Dream...My Chosen path is upward...To uphold our Constitution…Bill of Rights...And to stand up for our Freedom...This is not  the time for politics as usual, this is the time for principal driven policy...I’ll stand up for legal immigration. I’m the grandson of legal immigrants.

While I’m in Congress I will Propose Legislation addressing changes in Asylum Loopholes. I’ll stand up and support Merit based Immigration, fulfilling our country's work force needs and fund barriers with technology to support our common goals and secure our southern border. I’ll stand up and support our nation’s Law Enforcement Agencies. I’ll stand up and support our nations Armed Forces and our courageous Veterans. I’ll stand up and support enhanced strategic Cyber Security. I’ll stand up and condemn any form of antisemitism in our House of Representatives Institutions and Universities throughout our Nations. I’ll stand up and support Congressional Term Limits. I’ll stand up and vigorously support a Balance Budget Amendment. I’ll stand up and proudly defend our American Flag...To achieve this agenda...We must stand united...Re-Electing President Trump. Win back our House of Representatives and maintain control of our senate...We must prevail...This can happen, when we vote as one. United We Stand...Stand with me...Stand up America...Be courageous, vote with your conscience vote for your Families/Future...Vote Trugman...Republican for Congress.

Thank you for your support...God Bless you, and God Bless the United States of America.